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This manual uses several conventions to highlight certain words and phrases and draw attention to specific pieces of information.

In PDF and paper editions, this manual uses typefaces drawn from the Liberation Fonts set. The Liberation Fonts set is also used in HTML editions. If not, alternative but equivalent typefaces are displayed.

The following typographic conventions are used to call attention to specific words and phrases. These conventions, and the circumstances they apply to, are as follows.

System input, including shell commands, file names and paths, and key caps and key-combinations are presented as follows.

The above includes a file name, a shell command and a key cap, all distinguishable thanks to context.

Key-combinations can be distinguished from key caps by the symbol connecting each part of a key-combination. For example:

The first sentence highlights the particular key cap to press. The second highlights two sets of three key caps, each set pressed simultaneously.

If source code is discussed, class names, methods, functions, variable names and returned values mentioned within a paragraph are presented as follows.

Words or phrases encountered on a system, including application names; dialog box text; labeled buttons; check-box and radio button labels; menu titles and sub-menu titles are presented as follows.

The above text includes application names; system-wide menu names and items; application-specific menu names; and buttons and text found within a GUI interface, all distinguishable by context.

Note the shorthand used to indicate traversal through a menu and its sub-menus. This is to avoid the difficult-to-follow 'Select Mouse from the Preferences sub-menu in the System menu of the main menu bar' approach.

Italics denotes text that does not need to be imputed literally or displayed text that changes depending on circumstance. Replaceable or variable text is presented as follows.

Note the words in italics above — username,, file-system, package, version and release. Each word is a placeholder, either for text entered when issuing a command or for text displayed by the system.