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Chapter 2. Building AlgoTrader

2.1. Command Line
2.1.1. Code Installation
2.1.2. Maven Build
2.1.3. Docker Build
2.2. IntelliJ IDEA
2.2.1. Code Installation
2.2.2. Maven Build
2.2.3. Docker Build
2.3. AlgoTrader UI
2.3.1. Code Installation
2.3.2. Maven Build
2.3.3. Docker Build

AlgoTrader can be built from its source either via command line or via IDE


AlgoTrader based trading strategies can be developed and started without building AlgoTrader first

To build AlgoTrader via command line please perform the following steps.

Download the algotrader project zip file and unpack it in a directory of your choosing:


user name and password will be provided when signing up for an AlgoTrader license

If you need an older AlgoTrader version, login to our maven repository ( and click on Browse on the left and select code-main.

Then select the AlgoTrader version you want and download:

To build AlgoTrader from within IntelliJ IDEA please follow this process.

  • Download and unpack the code as per Section 2.1.1, “Code Installation”

  • On the main menu, select File / Open and navigate to the algotrader directory and press OK

  • Confirm you want to open the project, e.g. in a new Window.

  • Click on Project on the top of the sidebar on the left and you will see the algotrader project in the package explorer, with the sub-projects common and core.